Pest Control
Environmentally Safe
Lower chemical use promotes better indoor air quality.

An Array of Specialized Attachments
Each No-Spray Control System comes complete with all the tools of the trade.

Leaves Nothing Behind
Advanced filtration and powerful motor removes allergens such as cast skins and fecal material.

More Versatile
Controls a wider range of pests including spiders, cockroaches, wasps, bees and ants.

LineVacer® HEPA/ULPA
Our industrial HEPA/ULPA vacuum is ideal for medical facilities, clean rooms, computer labs or highly sensitive areas. Meets the EPA’s definition of a HEPA vacuum under the RRP Rule.
The Sierra packs commercial power in a backpack vacuum weighing only 10 lbs. for residential use! The versatile design allows you to use it as a canister, too.
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