Every aspect of your business is improved!
From supervisors to purchasing to training, Team Cleaning® streamlines your operation like no other maintenance approach of the past. The basis of Team Cleaning is to train and workload staff members as specialists with clearly defined duties and responsibilities.

Labor can be reduced or man-hours reallocated!
By using specialists, no longer will every zone within a building need a person posted with a complete set of equipment. Supervision won't require inspection throughout an entire building. Double-check systems are built into the team process.

You no longer clean only for appearance, but health!
Indoor air quality is an issue that can no longer be ignored. The techniques and equipment in Team Cleaning will greatly assist your efforts. It also gives you an opportunity to educate your tenants and staff members on many related health and safety issues.

You know exactly how to workload for teams!
There will be time devoted each day to workloading several buildings currently operating under the team system. Learn how to set up a pilot building, operate it with teams, and evaluate the progress.

You receive a complete set of reference materials!
Like the seminar curriculum, your take-home materials have been soundly researched by a group of professionals currently operating under the Team Cleaning system. The information is timely, relevant, and designed to help you get long-term results. Network with the most accomplished, active and innovative professionals in the cleaning industry during morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunches.
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