A vacuum is one of the most vital cleaning tools in a maintenance worker’s arsenal, with the ability to dramatically improve productivity, indoor air quality (IAQ) and overall cleanliness in one well-filtrated sweep. Selecting the right vacuum to suit your specific needs is never easy—considering the range of options on the market today. Understanding which types of models work best for your conditions will make purchasing the right vacuum simpler.

Numerous studies tout the real advantages—economically and ergonomically—of using backpack vacuums over traditional uprights. Studies show that, when combined with an effective cleaning program, quality backpacks can increase productivity by up to 70% without adding staff.

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Clean Tip
Click here to listen/view a Clean Tip on How to Clean 70% Faster and Save Thousands a Year by CleanLink.

Facts About Productive Cleaning
  • When using the correct tools, ProTeam backpack vacuums clean 52% faster than a dust mop in crowded classrooms and congested areas.

  • Vacuuming is a faster, healthier, and more efficient way to clean hard floors. Time savings allows reallocation of workforce to other problem areas.

  • Dust mopping continually redistributes dirt and fine particulates on and into the floor, leaving scratches and dulling a high gloss finish.

  • Dust bunnies reappear in 24 hours when a floor has been dust mopped as compared to 72 hours when cleaned with a ProTeam backpack vacuum.

  • Using ProTeam backpack vacuums reduces overall repair costs by up to 90%.

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